Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upgrade Complete

Tonight's upgrade is complete and all interfaces are operational.

Y'all have fun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*** Upgrade Monday, February 7th, 2011 ***

It's time to perform some operating system and application upgrades to SpotWalla. The upgrade will begin at 11PM and end at 1AM America/Chicago time. I'm anticipating this will take about 30-45 minutes. If issues arise, it will take longer. If major issues arise, it will take the entire 2 hours. :) Until the blog is updated indicating the upgrade is complete, small outages may be experienced.

All message interfaces will be down until the system is back online and stable. Google Latitude and Fire Eagle devices will not recover missed locations during the downtime period. SPOT devices will recover missed locations during the downtime period.

Not much has changed since the last upgrade. Here's the list...

  • The generic trip profile will use color-coded icons to mark the last known location on active maps. Each color corresponds to the message type - Ok, Help, Custom and Tracking. If you're like me and use the various message types to communicate with your family and friends, the color-coded icons will make it easier for them to determine the last known location type.
  • When joining a location page, your location will be automatically added to the page - assuming a message exists that conforms to the settings you chose. Currently, your location isn't added to the page until new messages are sent from your device.
  • I added cookie support to keep track of the last trip folder viewed. This will make it easier when working with trips.
  • The Device page will look differently. The Security link is now two separate links - Widget and Zones. The Widget link will allow you to configure the device's last location widget. The Zones link will allow you to manage the device's secure zones.
  • You will be able to control the types of messages that update your location on the last location widget.
  • Location pages will use color-coded icons that correspond to the message type - Ok, Help, Custom and Tracking.
  • New Family and Friends functionality will allow you to share your location with other SpotWalla users. The Family and Friends viewer will allow you to see the last known location of all your family and friends on a map. Essentially, it's like a personal location page whose members you manage directly.