Saturday, July 30, 2011

*** Upgrade Monday August 8th, 2011 *** will be upgraded Monday August 8th, 2011 at 19:00 America/Chicago time. All interfaces will be disabled during the downtime. When the system comes back online, all SPOT devices will recover missed messages. All Google Latitude devices will not recover missed messages.

So, here's what's happening with this upgrade:
  • The Fire Eagle interface will be officially retired. I haven't seen any evidence that Yahoo! is actively supporting Fire Eagle as they have in the past. Because of this and given the miniscule number of Fire Eagle devices in SpotWalla, I've decided to disable the interface.
  • You will be able to import location data in GPX format to any SpotWalla device.
  • SpotWalla will calculate speed data for all locations. Speeds are calculated in Miles per Hour, Kilometers per Hour and Knots. Since the speed data doesn't originate from the device, the calculated speed is just an approximation and should not be considered accurate. However, it can be used to demonstrate movement to those watching your trips. You can choose to share speed data with others on a trip by trip basis. By default, speed data is not shared with others.
  • The database has grown a great deal over the past year alone. The upgrade will apply some optimizations and restructure certain tables in order to ensure SpotWalla remains highly optimized and has the capacity to grow in the future.
Due to the time required to optimize and restructure the database, will be down for at least one hour, but it could take longer. Y'all hang in there. I'll post a message to the blog when the system is operational.